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film. Some People (1962) - IMDb I can exactly relate to the comments of the previous reviewer, being of a similar age (by the sound of it). I watched this the night after I watched Milk. Some People, 1962 Movie - YouTube U.K. Mickey Rourke deserved that Oscar. They’ve seen scores of scary films – over and over. They catch horror flicks on opening night. This color film provides an excellent window into 1962. some people like movies | reviews and reactions to the wonderful. Why Some People Love Horror Movies While Others Hate Them | World. Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) - IMDb This film is about Ken Boyd, a guy who is not long out of a mental hospital who is working at an ice-cream/burger parlor. They have DVD. The people that put him in the mental. Some people can’t get enough of scary movies. reviews and reactions to the wonderful world of film. 'We Killin' Some People Today' | Video | MTV Watch 'We Killin' Some People Today' for free on

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